Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Eqbal Zack : Brisbane Giveaway


First entry on July. I want to join giveaway from Eqbal Zack. I hope I can get it. Woo Hooo!!! If you want to join you can klik at Eqbal Zack name. Good Luck!!!

3 Kangaroo Pencil Case
Wau!!! it's very cute. I like it. If I get it, I don't want to use it. I want to keep it. It's very cute. I don't want this kangaroo dirty.

4 exclusive key chain from Brisbane
There have purple, orange, green and pink colour. If I get, I want green colour. If can, I want all taht key chain. I like key chain. I have many collection of key chain. So, I want to add more my key chain collection. Haha.

2 Coala Coin Bag
This coin bag also I want. It easy to me to put all my coin in this bag. I have many collection of coin. Either it is the new coin or old coin. I have it.

notaFO : actually, this is the firt entry I use full english. I think it so many grammatic error... haha..


  1. some grammatical error. never mind, not all will be alert with that... gudluck :)


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